We have been operating and maintaining a country-wide service nework in Hungary since 1986. We work with 90 subcontractors and a central service station in Budapest.

The central service station’s duty is to serve customers directly, providing technical support, service documentation and spare parts to our service partners.

Our subcontractors order the spare parts online by using their individual user name and password. We continuously develop our data processing and invoicing computer system, to make it compatible to any other system.

Our computer network handles the full procedure of the repairs:

  • worksheet administration
  • stock records
  • keeping track of stock movements
  • making statistics
  • invoicing
  • handling orders

Our partners include: distributors, importers, chain stores and manufacturers.

We have been maintaining a long term business relationship and companionship with our subcontractors and partners for over 20 years.

Our services include

  • printing warranty letters
  • translating, editing, and printing user manuals
  • printing sales labels
  • handling returns
  • review of appliances before sales from a service point of view.